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Ferry Princess Anastasia
Ferry Schedule
Home Travel Guide Ferry: Russia - Finland Schedule - Princess Anastasia

Ferry Princess Anastasia - Schedule

Route Departure
(next day)
Helsinki - St. Petersburg 19:00 18:30 09:00
St. Petersburg - Helsinki (Saturday departure) 19:00 18:00 08:00
St. Petersburg - Helsinki (Sunday departure) 18:00 17:00 07:00
Please note, all times are local.

Disembarking in St. Petersburg

Please note disembarking procedures in St. Petersburg. When disembarking the following priority is followed:
  • Passengers with younger children up to 6 years old - from 09:00 till 09:30,
  • Passengers who are staying in higher cabin categories (commodore and higher) - from 09:30,
  • Other passengers - from 10:00
As a result, if you have booked a standard cabin (category A, B) and are not traveling with younger children, be ready for long delays at passport control up to one hour and an hour and a half.