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Chinese Visa on Our Tours
Visa Fees and Consular Submission Included
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Assistance with Chinese Visa

We have years of practical experience in dealing with tourist visas to China, and our in-house visa team provides assistance with consular submission.


Your tour price includes ALL consular and visa processing fees (standard processing). Note – urgent visa applications are subject to a surcharge.


We strongly suggest you review the option and travel to China visa-free on your Trans-Mongolian tour. It will save you time and hassle of completing the forms and providing your biometric information. More details on visa-free travel to Beijing.


Once you book a tour with us, pay your deposit and provide your passport details, we order an official tourist invitation from China. We also email you the guidance notes on how to complete the Chinese visa application form. You will then need to fill in the required forms yourself which is quite straightforward. Our dedicated visa specialists will be happy to provide assistance should you have any questions or difficulties in completing the form.


Your Chinese visa is included in the price of our Trans-Mongolian tours and we can process Chinese visas in the USA, UK, France and Spain, meaning you do not need to pay any extra visa fees unless your application is urgent. All urgent visa applications are subject to additional costs which will be reconfirmed to you at the time you submit your documents. You post your complete application pack to our office and we make final checks of your paperwork and submit your documents to the Chinese consulate. Once the visa is issued, we post your passport back to you.

Note: normally if you book a Trans-Mongolian tour with us, we process your Chinese, Russian and Mongolian (if applicable) visas at the same time, so you do not need to post us your documents several times.


If you live outside the countries listed above we will provide all required paperwork for you enabling you to apply for your visa at the Chinese consulate in your country of residence. As part of our fair dealing policy, we will of course deduct the consular fee (standard processing fee) from your invoice as you will have to pay for your visa at your local Chinese consulate.

You will then need to collect your passport from the consulate or arrange to have it returned to you by post.  Feedback from previous clients means we can reassure you that these procedures run smoothly if you follow our advice. As usual, our visa team is always ready to help.


In the meantime you can familiarise yourself with the Chinese Tourist Visa Application Guide and see the list of required documents.