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Go Russia Adventure Packages Explained

Here you will find detailed information on practical aspects of joining a Go Russia adventure holiday.
Tour information and inclusions
Grades of our trips
Knowledge and expertise
Genuine travel experience
Group and solo packages
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When to book


We have prepared comprehensive tour dossiers for all our tours, and we recommend you to read the dossiers in combination with the other information about the region and our trips. The dossiers provide itinerary descriptions, what is included and important additional information.

Pre-departure information is only sent after booking, and gives detailed joining instructions, further contact information and more. If at any time you need more information, please contact us either by e-mail or by phone, and we will respond to you immediately.

What Is Included. All accommodation, transport and meals as listed in each itinerary, together with the services of the group leader and all other staff as indicated. Sightseeing tours, entrance fees and other inclusions are also listed in the trip dossier notes. When camping, we supply comprehensive camping equipment.

Accommodation. Almost all accommodation, including tents, is on a twin occupancy basis. Occasionally we might stay in a wooden lodge or a local yurt that is dorm style. This is part of the experience of an adventure holiday and a flexible approach is required. Generally, hotels are clean, comfortable, safe, and local in character with friendly atmosphere. Standards do vary in regional Russia, but we aim for a regular 3 star comfort in a local setting. In Moscow or St. Petersburg, there is a broad variety of international and world-known 4- and 5-star hotels which we are happy to offer you upon request. If, for whatever reason, the hotel you have booked has to be changed, we will ensure you are accommodated in a similar hotel. Please note, we will never book you into a hotel that's too far from the city center, or which is difficult to reach by public transport.

On some routes, you will also have the option to choose private home stay accommodation instead of the official hotel. This will allow you to save costs while enjoying the warm hospitality of the local Russian families. Please check the relevant section in the tour dossier notes or ask our staff about this opportunity.

Where overnight rail travel is included in your holiday, accommodation will be in four-berth, mixed-sex compartments. If you wish, we can upgrade your rail ticket to the 1st class compartments which consist of two berths. Russian trains are solid, utilitarian and reliable. You’ll have your own cozy berth, complete with fresh-laundered linen provided and a place for your luggage. Letting the train take you to the desired destination is the most comfortable way to achieve distances that would otherwise require a somewhat uninteresting drive in cramped conditions.

Optional Single Room or Tents. If you are traveling alone, we will normally try to match you with a roommate of the same gender. However, where operationally possible, we are happy to provide a quote for single hotel rooms. Sometimes single tents can also be arranged, please ask our staff regarding their availability on a particular tour. Some of our active tours do not have single supplements at all, and where they are available, we always state it clearly on the tour page.

Additional Accommodation. If you are planning to arrive in Russia before the scheduled tour start date, or staying on for a few days after the end of your tour, don’t worry about booking additional accommodation. We offer best rates as well as the convenience of staying on at the same hotels we use on our tours. We can also arrange for you a transfer from/ to the airport on the date you want to travel separately. Please enquire for prices and options.

Meals. For most of our adventure tours, all meals are provided at the destinations within the trip price. However, in Moscow, St. Petersburg and some other major cities of Russia, we provide half-board meals or just breakfast in the hotel. Today, all big cities in Russia boast a solid variety of eateries offering a great diversity of cuisine. While making your choice, be sure to try Pelmeni (Russian tortellini), traditional red beet soup Borsch, blini (Russian pancakes) and beef Stroganoff! You will find a complete description of the meals provided on our tours in each trip dossier.

Transport. How you get to a place is half the adventure! That’s why we use so many different forms of transport on our trips: from helicopters and Soviet-army military buses to ferry boats, regular public trains and bikes. Your feet come in handy too on a lot of treks! We tend to use private transfers and vehicles and avoid overcrowded local transport, but we might also use public transport, especially trains, buses and boats. This is a good way to mix with the local people and avoid the “goldfish-bowl” effect. Whatever we use, it is clearly stated in each description of the itinerary.

On all our tours you will be met at the airport upon your arrival by our representative, who will accompany you to your hotel. On pre/post tour extensions you have to pay extra for transfers.

Flights. We will arrange your flight to any of the chosen destinations. We include the most likely quote for the flight tickets in our estimated full package price although we do not give final quotes for the flight inclusive options, as the prices may vary significantly at the time of your booking. We have negotiated with most of the major airlines providing flights to Russia to ensure that we can offer you the times and prices that are optimal for you.

As there are not many direct flights from the UK to our final destinations of the adventure tours, you will be normally required to purchase a ticket to the relevant region with a stop for a change in Moscow or St. Petersburg. The change of the plane in one of the capitals will allow you to spend one or two days in the most cosmopolitan of Russian cities, as well as to have a short break before a long flight to our remote adventurous destinations. Please don’t forget that we have also separate group tours to Moscow and St. Petersburg, so if you don’t have much time to spend in Russia in one go, you can always visit the capitals of Russia separately!

If you want to book the flight to Russia on your own or you are going to Russia not from the UK, please provide us with the details of your flight so we can arrange the airport transfer for you upon arrival to Russia.

Please note that in most cases it might be significantly cheaper to buy a direct ticket from the UK to your final destination in Russia with a stop over in Moscow/ St. Petersburg rather than to buy a ticket only to Moscow and arrange an internal flight separately. Please also note that although there are many different options to get from the UK to Moscow or St. Petersburg, the number of internal flights offered by international airlines within Russia is very limited and in most cases you will be offered to use the services of Aeroflot or another Russian airline to get from the capitals to the target region.

If you would like more information about your flight opportunities, please contact our travel consultants.

What Is Not Included. International and internal flights in the “land only” package prices, activity entrance fees to museums and historical sites other than those detailed in the trip dossier, meals other than those specified, tips and gratuities, excess baggage charges, travel insurance (can be arranged for a separate fee), optional sightseeing, laundry, postage, clothing, drinks and any items of a personal nature.

Sleeping bags are not supplied but can in some cases be hired. Please enquire.


Many of our trips are designed for people of all levels of physical activity and training. Tours which are more demanding or which require previous experience, such as mountain climbing or rafting, are noted in the tour details. They also include details regarding the length and duration of daily activities. Do keep in mind, however, that some of these details may vary slightly depending on the weather and the level of ability and fitness of the group participants.

Grades of Trip. To assist you in choosing a suitable adventure, we have assigned each itinerary to a category. These categories are rather subjective—what is demanding for some may be easy for others, and vice versa, so keep your own goals in mind when choosing your tour. These categories should be used to provide you with a general comparison of the available activities. The majority of healthy, active people will be capable to taking part in nearly every trip that we offer.

Gentle (A level) – suitable for most people in good health. Activities selected for these tours are always on good paths and predominantly at low altitudes.

Moderate (B level) - suitable for the average active tourist. They may include short days of strenuous activity, including paths along volcanic glaciers. These routes also may involve considerable ascent and descent and the occasional difficult day, and therefore it is important for all participants to be reasonably fit. As long as you are confident of your physical condition, previous experience is not essential, although it is desirable.

Challenging (C level) - these routes will require a greater level of physical fitness, and are suitable for regular tourists who are very fit and who have previous experience in the chosen activity. Tours will often include extended days, rough terrain, and wild river rapids. Lengthy periods may also be spent at high altitude.

Strenuous (D level) - the most strenuous routes. They include long days, often in isolated areas, and the possibility of extreme altitudes. Tours with this grade generally refer to mountaineering and climbing adventures, and include difficult pass crossings, use of ropes, and require basic mountaineering skills and equipment. The length of a day’s activity may be from 6-9 hours or more, so stamina is necessary.


Activities. Go Russia offers a huge variety of activities for you to try. All of our Russian areas and regions have been chosen for their unique surroundings and the variety of activities on offer. Our team will take care of all organisational details, meaning that you can concentrate on enjoying whichever thrilling activity you decide to try.

Standards of Service. When you choose to travel with Go Russia, you are assured of the highest standards of service for every element of your holiday. This starts at home in the UK, with an office team made up of experienced travelers who join at least one trip a year, enabling them to provide comprehensive advice through their first hand knowledge of the holidays and their detailed understanding of our client’s needs. Attention to detail is sustained through our long-established relationships with the best local agents and thanks to the guidance of our skilled and knowledgeable leaders. Together, we are able to ensure that our holidays run smoothly in all remote corners of Russia.

UK Team. When booking your holiday, you need to be sure that you are entrusting yourself to people who know what they are doing. Our staff have extensive experience working in the tourist industry in Russia and have been trained in the various aspects of their job. But besides being qualified professionals, our staff has also been chosen for their engaging personalities and commitment to do their best to assist our clients.

Go Russia on the site. “Go Russia” employs English-speaking local tour leaders to ensure that travelers see the country and local culture in all its fine detail. Although experience and qualification are the most important criteria for us in the careful selection of our local partners, we are equally interested in their personality and general willingness to do their best for your enjoyment. Any questions you have at the sites are initially best directed to our local group leader, who will be accompanying you on every tour. He is the expert on your resort and the activities that happen there. Please note that you may be met at the airport by our transfer representative and then meet your group leader later in the trip. You may also have a change of group leader in Moscow/ St. Petersburg and at the final “activity destination”.

We also keep a hotline number in Moscow as well as an all-hours UK emergency mobile number which connects you with our central coordinators 24 hours a day, should you have any queries. You will be provided with the numbers after the confirmation of your booking.

Equipment and Safety. Your safety is our highest priority and is central to the preparation and arrangement of all our adventure tours. We can assure you that Go Russia has at its disposal the best available back-up and rescue facilities in each area we visit. Whether you vacation by bicycle, canoe or snowmobile, it must be reliable as well as comfortable. On all our adventure tours, the equipment is of high quality and international standards, well maintained and is always checked during our regular visits to the sites.

In the dossier of every tour you will find detailed descriptions of the necessary personal equipment which you should bring along (i.e. warm, weatherproof and windproof clothes, strong hiking boots, a sleeping-bag with a camping mat, etc.)


Accommodation. The accommodation we use on our tours is varied, as is our range of trips and destinations. In one trip you might spend a few nights in a 3- or 4-star hotel, followed by a tent near a river and a log cabin in a forest. Information about the accommodation on each tour is included in the details of each trip description. When camping, we aim to provide you with the greatest comfort possible. On most of our tours, a dedicated support team will assist you with part of your baggage and equipment by car while you are trekking, help in camp set-up upon arrival, and prepare your meals.

Comfort and Flexibility. In some tours, the baggage transfer is organized by us and lodging is offered in a comfortable hotel. Other routes require flexibility from you, and a desire to partake of simpler arrangements. At times you will need to be tolerant and curious about cultures which seem strange and unusual, and acknowledge the values of differing lifestyles.

If you are ready to leave the beaten path for a new type of travel experience, your trip with us will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Food and Health. It is our primary concern that you should remain in good health throughout your holiday. When camping, we make sure that all food is expertly and hygienically prepared and we serve a mixture of traditional local and European-style dishes. We aim to provide substantial meals with as much variety as possible. We routinely cater for vegetarians, but those with special diets should inform “Go Russia” before the booking about their requirements and check if this is available on a particular tour.


Guided group package tours. Our adventure packages operate as group tours. We strongly believe that this gives our customers a better experience as we are able to secure group discounts and offer the best value for money. In addition, and just as importantly, you get to share your Russian adventure with others, people from all backgrounds and of varying ages who bring different things to the group – who knows, you might even make lifelong friends. We do make sure that our tours offer sufficient freedom for you to be able to pursue your own interests alongside the guided program. We believe this tried and tested concept gives you the best of both worlds.

Group size. Almost all our trips have a minimum and maximum group size. The group size is deliberately small to allow us the chance to see places close-up without being intrusive. Small groups also allow for easier interaction with people we meet on the trail and leave fewer footprints in the world. It also means better service for you, the chance to use smaller hotels, more freedom to reach out-of-the-way places and more of a sense of camaraderie and fun within the group. This is just like traveling with a group of friends!

Please note, if the group size falls below the minimum stated on the trip page, we reserve the right to cancel the trip, run the trip with less than the stated minimum, offer you alternate dates for the same tour, or seek your agreement to running it with minor modifications or a small-group surcharge. You may also be invited to join the same tour arranged for a Russian group on a different date. In this case, you can be accompanied by an individual English-speaker throughout the whole journey and will have the unique opportunity to absorb the local culture first hand. The charge for the individual English-speaking guide will be added to the cost of the group tour.

Our Group. Our trips are enjoyable for people of all ages. This range brings a new and engaging perspective to almost every conversation and to most things you see on your trip. Once you are on the trip, you’ll find like-minded people who share a common desire to see the world as it really is and who are genuinely interested in other cultures, environments and ways of life. You don’t have to be super-fit and age isn’t important when you travel with us. It is attitude that counts. You can choose an easy-going trip which concentrates on places, scenery or some exotic culture. Or you can pick a more challenging journey, which may involve trekking, mountain climbing, river rafting or anything else you’d like. The choice is yours – you can be as adventurous as you want!

“Go Russia” tailor-made. We offer individual trips in addition to organized group tours. This can be an entirely separate holiday arrangement or an extension to a regular “Go Russia” trip. This makes it possible for you to enjoy the ease and convenience of an organized trip, which most travelers find very useful in a land whose language they do not speak. In case of an individual trip, you can be accompanied by a personal English speaking guide from the moment of your arrival in Russia and for the whole duration of your trip.

Whether you would like to travel independently, or with a group of your friends or colleagues, we can help to realize your holiday plans. Depending on your preference for either comfort or budget, we can assist you in designing the ideal itinerary and provide the optimal value-for-money quote.

Should you have any other wishes regarding activities, places or regions which are not covered by our offer, we will be also happy to create a unique tailor-made trip for you - alone, as a couple, or as a small group - exactly the way you want your travel experience.


Value for money. There are many elements that contribute to the cost of holiday, including standard of accommodation, quality of transport, number and experience of accompanying staff on the active route as well as amount of sightseeing provided by the program. We carefully analyze and balance those factors when planning our trips, with the aim of providing a quality adventure and maximum culture program with the optimal value for money. Whilst our prices for the tours to Russia are highly competitive, you can be reassured that we don’t cut corners to achieve this. We always select the best available option for the accommodation and transportation in our tours and include lots of sightseeing and entrance fees to many famous sights and places of interest on our itinerary.

Land Only Price. For all our tours we have also quoted the “land only” price which includes everything except the cost of the connecting international and internal flights to/ in Russia. This price is normally used as a basis for the calculation of our discounts. It also enables you to combine various “Land Only” arrangements on two or more tours, or combine one of our tours with your own independent flight arrangements, especially if you are not coming to Russia directly from the UK.

Group and youth/ student discounts. For most of our tours, we can normally offer discounts to groups of five or more booking together. The discounts are normally given at 5% from the “land only” price but it does vary based on your journey destination and the fixed costs involved in the price calculation. Please ask our travel consultant for the discount attributable for your chosen destination.

We also support our younger customers, which include both full-time UK-based students as well as clients under the age of 25. If you are young and limited in financial resources but willing to discover the world, we also offer you a 5% discount on the “land only” price for all of our standard group tours. Please note that it is not possible to combine both discounts on our route.


Local conditions and nature of the tours. Before booking with us, take a moment to consider the challenging nature of adventure travel. Trips of this kind often require a substantial amount of patience and flexibility from you during the journey. The places you want to visit also function as living and working communities. Building or road works may be in progress at the time of your visit and all hotels require maintenance and refurbishment from time to time. Besides, many of the Russian destinations noted on this web-site are remote areas with still developing tourism infrastructure. While the local people are friendly and hospitable, unavoidable delays and efficiency can lead to frustrations. In many places we will visit, the standards of transport, accommodation, hygiene and other factors might not always be of a standard that you are used to at home or would find at a regular sight-seeing vacation.

Despite the careful planning and organisation, our adventure holidays can never be taken for granted like regular holidays. This certain level of unpredictability means that the information we present for each of our tours should be seen as statements of intent, rather than as contractual obligations on our part. A variety of factors, including weather or transport difficulties, might dictate that we change the itinerary. The trip leader will make any changes that are necessary, after discussion with the group. Only rarely will such changes be significant and we will always do everything within our powers to minimise the effects of the unforeseen changes. We cannot be held responsible for the results of changes or delays, irrespective of how they are caused.

Check before you go. Crimes against people and property, particularly in cities, are a regrettable fact of life throughout the whole world and Russia is not an exception. You have the same responsibility for your personal safety and that of your possessions as you do at home.

The FCO Travel Advice Unit was set up to help British travelers avoid trouble by providing up-to date advice about dangers to their safety arising from changes to any situation in around 100 countries worldwide. Details of their security advice for the Russian Federation can be found at the British FCO website:


Please read more about Health and Vaccinations.


It is important that you choose a trip that is well suited to your experience, interests and capabilities. All our staff has first hand experience of a range of Go Russia holidays and will be happy to talk to you about your chosen trip, enabling you to assess its suitability. We also recommend that you read the descriptions of the relevant region, general information about our services, booking conditions, and trip dossiers carefully. Once you know what tour is right for you, you will need to check its availability. You can do this by e-mailing or phoning us. We can usually reserve a place for you for 3 days while you make the final decision.

To be sure of a place on your chosen trip, you should make your booking as soon as possible. Early booking helps you to secure the lowest fares for scheduled flight seats, which are always at a premium, and enables us to obtain any special permits that may be required. Please note: there are no discounts for late booking.