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City Tour & Visit to Mamayev Hill

Volgograd City Tour and Visit to Mamayev Hill

During this excursion you will see the highlights of one of the biggest and famous cities in Russia. The tour will start with a walk along the Peace Street which was the first one to be restored after the WWII. You will have a chance to see the old poplar in the memorial square of Fallen Heroes, a silent witness of the battle of Stalingrad and a symbol of ever lasting life. Down from the Square of Fallen heroes on the way to Volga embankment you will pass the Alley of Heroes a monumental example of Stalin Empire architecture, at the end of which you will reach the “River gates of the city” – the central Embankment overlooking the mighty Volga River. The last visit point of this excursion will be the world famous Mamaev Hill with its striking main sculpture Motherland calls, and a fascinating panoramic view over the city, Volga River and its beautiful banks.

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4 hours | $125 per person