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Mongolian Tourist Visa

Go Russia assistance with Mongolian visa.
Currently US citizens DO NOT require a visa to travel to Mongolia as tourists as well as some other nationalities enjoying visa-free regime arrangements with Mongolia (see below). 

The fees for Mongolian visa are not included in the tour price. If you need a visa for Mongolia, we will provide you with all necessary documents to apply for your visa at the Mongolian Consulate in your country. If you are based in the USA, UK, Germany, France or Spain, we can process your Mongolian visa for a surcharge.


Read more about Mongolian visa procedures when joining one of our tours and when visa is required.


Should you have any questions about Mongolian visas, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our visa team.


Please see below for nationalities that do not require a visa to enter Mongolia as tourists.
Argentina Up to 90 days
Belarus Up to 90 days
Brazil Up to 90 days
Canada Up to 30 days
Chile Up to 90 days
Ecuador Up to 90 days
Germany Up to 30 days
Hong Kong  Up to 14 days
Israel Up to 30 days
Japan Up to 30 days
Kazakhstan Up to 90 days
Kirgyzstan Up to 90 days
Laos Up to 30 days
Macao Up to 90 days
Malaysia Up to 30 days
Peru Up to 90 days
Philippines Up to 21 days
Russia Up to 30 days
Serbia Up to 90 days
Singapore Up to 30 days
Thailand Up to 30 days
Turkey Up to 30 days
Uruguay Up to 30 days
Ukraine Up to 90 days
USA Up to 90 days

Disclaimer: The information contained on this page is given in good faith but without responsibility whatsoever on the part of GR Travel Group Ltd (Go Russia). It is clients’ responsibility to obtain all necessary travel information and documentation required for the trip including visas.