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Personal Equipment - Summer
Adventure trips in Russia

Personal Equipment - Summer

Equipment required for trekking & horse-riding tours (Altai, Kamchatka).
The following list is comprised of equipment and items which are either essential or beneficial for most travelers who visit our active holidays in Russia. Additional clothing or personal equipment can be added, but it must be remembered that on extended hikes everything will have to be carried.


  • All tours
    • A well "broken-in" pair of good walking boots, comfortable and must have strong ankle support. We do not recommend borrowing or renting boots. It is a good idea to carry your boots in your hand luggage on international flights or wear them - should your luggage be delayed, your well broken in boots are the one thing which will be irreplaceable.
    • Trainers or trekking sandals. Useful around camp, in towns and when traveling. You will need an old pair of trainers or sandals for crossing rivers in, for example in Kamchatka or Altai, - they will get wet!
    • Flip flops for shower / sauna.
  • Kamchatka specific
    • Thigh-high rubber boots for Kamchatka. Although heavy and uncomfortable to hike in for many, they do make crossing rivers and wet areas quite simple. The water in Kamchatka rivers is very cold and many have expressed a desire in the course of their trek to have had a pair of these hip waders with them. Simple hip waders may be bought in Petropavlovsk prior to the start of your hike - approximate price $20.
  • Altai specific - horseriding
    • Boots (rubber or leather)


  • All tours
    • Waterproof jacket and trousers (better Goretex).
    • Waterproof poncho which may be worn over the top of other clothing and covers the backpack as well. This is a very desirable item for keeping everything dry while hiking in wet weather.
    • Warm pullover or jacket.
    • Anorak.
    • Long warm pants / underpants.
    • Thermal undergarments and / or fiber-pile clothing.
    • Warm hat and gloves, good socks or gaiters.
    • On hot day: shorts, lightweight trousers, long sleeved cotton shirt, T-shirt and sun hat are required.
    • Swim suit.
  • Altai specific - horseriding
    • Thin gloves (wool / fleece).


  • Kamchatka tours. You can bring your suitcase as all your personal belongings are carried on a truck or helicopter. A small day pack is required for day treks.
  • Altai tours. Rucksack: 60-100 liters. It should be waterproof (or have a waterproof bag liner) and have good comfortable straps for extended trekking. Tents and food will be divided among the group (including a cook and a guide). It is a good idea to pack your backpack as a trial before leaving for the trip and to do at least one extended day's trekking with full load. Advice on how to pack and what to take on the trek will be given by our guides at the trek briefing.

Camping equipment

  • All tours
    • Sleeping bag. We recommend 3-4 season sleeping bags. A cotton liner helps to keep your bag clean.
    • Walking pole is highly recommended.
    • Water bottle with at least 1-liter capacity.
    • Head torch with spare batteries.
    • Insect repellent (OFF or Jungle Formula)
    • Sun cream, lipsalve, sunglasses and / or snow goggles.
    • First aid kit for personal use, blisters etc.
    • Leatherman or Swiss army knife.
    • A box of Ziplock plastic bags to help keeping your equipment dry in the rain.
    • Leisure reading.
    • Personal hygiene items including towels.
  • Kamchatka specific
    • Ear plugs (for helicopters flights in Kamchatka).
  • Altai specific
    • Sleepipng mat (can be rent, 0.3 USD / day).
    • 10 polyethylene bags to pack the belongings.
    • Spoon, plate, mug and knife.