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Home Holiday Planner Adventure and Discovery The Best of Kamchatka all in one Trip - Bears, Volcanoes, Ethnic People, Reindeer Herders (KK-08)

The Best of Kamchatka all in one Trip - Bears, Volcanoes, Ethnic People, Reindeer Herders (KK-08)

Group size
2-16 people
18 days
Moscow, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Ksudach Volcano, Kurilskoye Lake, Khodutka Volcano, The Valley of the Geysers, Uzon Volcano, Tolbachik Volcano, Esso
from $6,495
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Once, it was a military zone off limits to the outside world, its secrets and way of life hidden from visitors. Now, Kamchatka is now one of Russia’s most enchanting and awe-inspiring regions. This August expedition packs a lot into its seventeen day itinerary, showcasing the very best of Kamchatka’s abundant wildlife and dramatic physical landscapes. Utilising helicopter transport to get us deep within the territory, we’ll visit active and dormant volcanoes, steaming fumaroles and geyser fields, bubbling mud pools, hot and cold water streams and remote mountain lakes. We’ll watch brown bears get their claws into leaping salmon and crane our heads to watch the Steller’s sea eagles, one of the world’s most impressive birds of prey, as they soar across the vast sky above us. We’ll get to know the local people herding huge herds of reindeer in a practice that has changed little in centuries.  Camping out will give us the opportunity to commune with nature and get to know these fascinating people better.

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  • Accommodation
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  • Full board meals in Kamchatka
  • Guided tours & entrance fees
  • Tour staff & support
  • Group equipment and gear
  • Airport transfers
  • Visas: checking service
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Day 1
Transfer from the airport to the hotel
Arrival in Moscow. Our driver will meet you in the arrival sector with a Go Russia sign board. Transfer to the hotel.
Day 2
Moscow City Centre Walking Tour
Transfer from the hotel to the airport
During the tour we will walk around major cultural and historical points in Moscow. We will visit Lubyanka Square - the world-famous KGB centre of the Soviet epoch, and the Teatralnaya Square next to Bolshoi Theatre. We will also visit Tverskaya Street - the main and the busiest street in Moscow - with lots of shops, restaurants and unique combination of old, Stalin and modern architecture. We will then take a stroll along the pedestrian zone near the Red Square. In the evening transfer to the airport for your overnight flight to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
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Domestic flight: Moscow - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Day 2
Flight to Petropavlovsk: Moscow - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Overnight flight from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
Day 3
You’ll be met at the airport and transferred to the Hotel Petropavlovsk in good time for a city tour this afternoon. After a welcome dinner, you’ll retire for the evening.
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Ksudach Volcano
Day 4
Kamchatka is wild and it wows. So long as weather permits, we’ll begin with a bang. You’ll fly by MI-8 helicopter to Ksudach Volcano, an hour’s flight away. From the air, you’ll see water cascading out of the crater, creating stunning waterfalls. We’ll land so that you can visit the crater lake known as Schtubelya, located inside the volcano itself. Hot springs create nature’s own baths on the lake shore, a surreal but magical experience. After a short flight to Kamchatka’s Kurilskoye Lake, we’ll reach our accommodation, cosy wooden lodges on Grassy Point.
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Kurilskoye Lake
Day 5
Kamchatka’s wildlife is as legendary as its scenery. Over the next two days we’ll line up a plethora of fauna. Motor boats will whisk you to salmon spawning hot spots. A highlight is likely to be a close-up encounter with the local brown bear population as they fish for migrating salmon. Overhead, Steller’s sea eagles soar across the sky, waiting to pounce too. You’ll be able to walk to a bear viewing platform located just 850 metres from the lodge, accompanied by knowledgeable local wardens. Longer walks take you to meadows where bears feed on wild berries as well as other more distant spawning spots. Keen photographers will be able to get some incredible shots and the memories you’ll create will stay with you for a lifetime.
Day 6
Continue exploring Kurilskoye Lake.
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Khodutka Volcano
Day 7
We’ll begin with another walking excursion with the local wardens to a nearby bear view platform for more chances to watch these captivating creatures in their natural habitat. In the evening, you’ll hop on another MI-8 helicopter flight to back Petropavlovsk. On the way, you’ll stop to bathe in the thermal waters of the Khodutka River. These are the largest naturally occurring hot springs on Kamchatka. The water bubbles out over a section of tundra located just under Khodutka Volcano and forms a small stream. Farther from the source the water slowly cools. It’s there that the water is safe for bathing; you’ll be able to find a spot where the temperature is just right for a swim. Next, fly over the crater of the active Mutnovsky Volcano. From the window of the helicopter you’re sure to get some incredible pictures. Landing at Petropavlovsk, we’ll drive you to your hotel for an overnight stay.
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The Valley of the Geysers
Day 8
Optional helicopter excursion to the Valley of the Geysers and Uzon Volcano caldera. The Valley of the Geysers is the world’s second largest geyser field, rivalled only by Yellowstone in the USA. Sprawling over a vast area, many geysers sit alongside hot springs and steam vents. A devastating landslide in 2007 altered the landscape dramatically, burying some geysers and rejuvenating others. You’ll walk along wooden platforms to witness one of nature’s most powerful spectacles as the geysers bulge and erupt in front of you. Afterwards, you’ll be taken to the 40 000 year old crater caldera of Uzon Volcano. This dormant volcano features bubbling mud pools, rivers, hot springs and lakes. It’s a beautiful spot.
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Day 9
Today we board a 4WD or 6WD bus and head to the old Cossack settlement of Milkovo (306 km away). Here, lunch will be prepared in a local restaurant and there will be a chance to stroll around the village to get a feel for Russian rural life. We’ll continue driving north from Milkovo and camp out in the wilderness in a mixed evergreen and deciduous forest along the banks of the Kamchatka River. It’s Kamchatka's largest river whose course takes it northwards through the peninsula’s central valley.
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Tolbachik Volcano
Day 10
It’s time to camp in the great outdoors, so we’ll drive to the volcanic plateau of Tolbachik Volcano. Base camp is a 60km drive and we’ll spend the next three nights under canvas. This place, reminiscent of the Moon, is famous because it was here that the first Soviet "Lunar roving vehicle-1" was tested.
Day 11
Today provides the opportunity to visit the relatively new craters of Tolbachik, formed in 20th century. We’ll also see a monument of nature, the Dead Forest, a result of the eruption of 1975. Newly formed lava tubes are also visible, as are the hardened lavas of the 2013 eruption. If you’re interested in tectonics, this scenery showcases every imaginable landform feature.
Day 12
Exploring the area near Tolbachik volcano.
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Day 13
Driving west from Tolbachik, we’ll transfer to our hotel in the village of Esso, the most important settlement for the local Even people, who make their home in Kamchatka within the Bystrinskiy Natural Park. Enjoy a performance from the local dancing group, the participants of which are people representing different Kamchatka indigenous tribes: the Koryak, the Even and the Itelmen.
Day 14
There’s much to explore in the area surrounding Esso. We’ll fly by helicopter to a camp populated by Even reindeer herders. It’s an occupation with a long history, yet the practice thrives today. The sizeable herds range from 500 to 2500 head of reindeer. You will stay in the old Medium Volcanic Range of Kamchatka, surrounded by ancient volcanoes with glacier-carved slopes and beautiful alpine tundra. We’ll camp and feel at one with nature in this remote and special place.
Day 15
Returning to Esso by helicopter, we’ll come back to our hotel for an overnight stay.
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Day 16
Sadly, we have to think about heading back and today we’ll drive back to Petropavlovsk, with a brief stop for in Milkovo. Tonight’s accommodation will be a Petropavlovsk hotel.
Day 17
Excursion around Avacha Bay by boat. Water plays an important part in people’s lives in these parts and our excursion around Avacha Bay will give us an opportunity to explore further. We’ll visit Starichkov Island to view sea birds and mammals, a six-hour stay providing ample time to watch the seabirds in their natural habitat, and fish. We’ll get to try Ukha, fish soup, an important local dish.

This evening, we’ll pay a visit to local farmer Sasha Yastrebov in his yurt for an evening folk concert. Of course, this is Russia, and it will become a party, where you’ll sample delicious local seafood dishes and toast your hosts and their beautiful region with vodka and homemade balsam. Our final night will be spent at the hotel.
Day 18
Today, our tour comes to its conclusion and you’ll depart, having experienced one of Russia’s most captivating regions.
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