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Sapsan High Speed Train

“Sapsan” (in Russian the word literally means peregrine falcon, the fastest bird in the falcon family) is the first high-speed train on the Russian railways launched in December 2009. The train is manufactured by Siemens and is adapted to the Russian climatic conditions. Sapsan was first launched on the route between Moscow and St. Petersburg reducing journey time to just 3 hours and 45 minutes. You can find Sapsan train schedule below.

Following the success of the project Sapsans are being introduced on other routes in Russia. Train speed can reach up to 250 kmh, passenger capacity - 538 people. Each carriage features two large information panels displaying the carriage number, air temperature and current speed. There is also a carriage designed for disabled passengers. All seats have adjustable backrest, individual lighting, folding or window table, folding footrest. Business class carriages additionally feature built-in audio-visual unit and electricity sockets between seats. Business class passengers are served with hot meal, tea, coffee, soft or alcoholic drinks and are offered fresh newspapers and travel sets.
Train schedule
  • Train 152: Moscow - St. Petersburg 06:45 - 10:30
  • Train 151: St. Petersburg - Moscow 06:45 - 10:30
  • Train 154: Moscow - St. Petersburg 07:00 - 10:55
  • Train 153: St. Petersburg - Moscow 07:00 - 10:55
  • Train 158: Moscow - St. Petersburg 13:30 - 17:45
  • Train 157: St. Petersburg - Moscow 13:30 - 17:45
  • Train 162: Moscow - St. Petersburg 16:30 - 20:25
  • Train 161: St. Petersburg - Moscow 15:30 - 19:25
  • Train 164: Moscow - St. Petersburg 16:45 - 20:43
  • Train 163: St. Petersburg - Moscow 19:25 - 23:20
  • Train 166: Moscow - St. Petersburg 19:45 - 23:30
  • Train 165: St. Petersburg - Moscow 19:45 - 23:30

Sapsan train ticket prices

Sapsan ticket prices do vary depending on the travel date and the time of your departure. The cheapest option is to depart on Sunday early in the morning. Average ticket price for Sapsan is $75 traveling 2nd class.

Go Russia can issue train tickets for Sapsan. To issue train tickets we require your full name and passport number. Please note, you will not require paper tickets as Sapsan operates electronic check-in and you will only need your passport to board the train. Please contact us to get your tickets.
Train carriages

Train photos