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Museum of Political History of Russia
Excursions in St. Petersburg

Museum of Political History of Russia Guided Tour

We go on to the National Museum of the Political History of Russia – a beautiful art nouveau house which once belonged to the famous Russian ballerina Matilda.Kshesinskaya. The former National Museum of the Revolution was created on 9 October 1919, by decree of the Petrograd Soviet of Workers and the Red Army Deputies. Among the founders of the Museum were prominent figures of the Bolshevik Party and the narodnik (populist) movement, and representatives of the intelligentsia. The first members of the museum staff were Anatoly Lunacharsky, Michael Novorussky, Maxim Gorky, Pavel Shchegolev, G.Zinovjev ,O.Oldenburg, and V.Sreznevsky, all famous names from the early days of the Soviet Revolution.

The National Museum of the Revolution was the first museum in the country to engage with historical and revolutionary problems. By the mid 1920s it had a unique collection of revolutionary banners, an extremely valuable collection of leaflets from the various political parties, posters, and other significant objects of the time.

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3 hours | $80 per person
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